Nine ways to boost your job search in Finland.

Nine ways to boost your job search in Finland.

Recruitment is broken. The pandemic proves it.

Finding qualified and great talent was and still is a big challenge for every organization. And yet there are many exceptionally talented and experienced people sitting on the sidelines. Have we automated the process a bit too much and made it into a tick-box, keyword-driven process? Is it time to reimagine the system?

My Marketing Signature

Over the weekend I noticed an interesting LinkedIn post by Prakash Iyer where he speaks about leadership signature. A good word cloud approach to list our personal values and attributes for leadership. This inspired me to create a signature for any profession. In my case, It’ll be Marketing and Entrepreneurship. But you can create a […]

Hitting the weakest link – Cybersecurity during a pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about work – the way we work, where we work and when we work, and for many – if we work. But in this euphoria about work from home and how it is here to stay, are we prepared for the privacy and security risks? The phishing emails aside, are […]