Finland: We’ve come a long way since that day.

F.I.N.L.A.N.D? Why don’t you go to America or Singapore? Or maybe to London?

I still remember the extreme reactions from friends and family, when we announced our move to Finland on one fine day in 2008. One can’t blame them for that (Extreme weather, darkness, difficult language, different cuisine and most didn’t know where it was).

And ever since our move, every winter, my wife (Lavanya) and I question ourselves – What are we doing here? Why? And then we agree to extend it by one more year. But now, this land is our adopted home. With great friends, work, culture and people values, there’s nothing much we would like to change here (Well, sun doesn’t count).

So, it was a proud moment last week, when I opened the print copy of the annual edition of Business Espoo magazine and found this two page article.

In a nutshell, the article talks about entrepreneurship in Finland, career, startups, P&G, Nokia, Microsoft and Tieto. (Picture clicked near Nokia House/Microsoft reception).

This note is to share the joy with you, but also to say a big thank you. If we are connected here on Linkedin, then we have definitely crossed paths and even worked together. I couldn’t have gotten here without your support and encouragement.

It’s a sense of small achievement to get on a business magazine, in a foreign land, and a reminder to work even harder, and support others the same way as you supported me! Cheers.