Hitting the weakest link – Cybersecurity during a pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about work – the way we work, where we work and when we work, and for many – if we work.

But in this euphoria about work from home and how it is here to stay, are we prepared for the privacy and security risks? The phishing emails aside, are businesses prepared?

Boris Johnson Zoom

Image credit: UK Cabinet is now using Zoom and posted this update with the meeting id. 

Businesses are simply not geared up for remote working. With the number of consultants and outsourcing partners across geographies, how do you secure data, hardware, and privacy policies?  Few questions that must be asked by every business leader include:

  • Do you have enough security audits in place? Have these audits been audited and updated recently?
  • How do you ensure that your partners and their suppliers have the highest security standards?
  • Do you have remote access solutions that are secure?
  • Is there multi-factor authentication for every device?
  • How are the connections being secured at the employee’s homes? Basics like Wifi security and others
  • How effective and resourced is your security team when everyone starts working remotely? 
  • And what’s the worst-case scenario and its impact?           

What’s the cyber hygiene that your organization is following? And what additional steps are you taking?

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