People Leadership

With a full time MBA in People management from one of the best institutes in the world - XLRI School of Management, Raghu is a well known expert in people leadership.

Close to 14 years of successful experience in building high performing teams, sales coaching and digital transformation globally.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy provides an organization an edge over competitors. It provides a blueprint for an organization to achieve marketing objectives, which will then deliver business strategy.

Raghu has led marketing strategy and brand repositioning at Tieto globally and has also been responsible for end to end marketing of Neosmart Health Oy and been advising several startups.

Career Coaching

Raghu is a well known career coach and is a mentor to several successful professionals. Raghu's expertise is in career planning, transition and succeeding in people management roles.

Raghu draws from his own personal journey of transitioning from Computer engineering -> Human Resources -> Marketing -> Sales -> Entrepreneurship

Go to Market Execution

A go to market execution strategy provides a tactical plan for an organization to succeed in enter and succeed in new markets. It needs a thorough understanding of the product, market and experience in launching new products.

Having launched new products globally, and importantly in Asia Pacific and Europe, Raghu brings in years of understanding, tools and methodologies to launch and succeed in new markets.

Customer Experience

Customer centricity can only succeed when it becomes an integral part of an organizations' DNA. Be it delivering a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +82 at Neosmart Health or +24 at Tieto, Raghu has delivered a customer centric strategy and brand related activities to achieve these results.

Product Marketing

Launching successful products and managing product marketing campaigns can only be learnt with experience. Raghu's product portfolio includes world class products, including lifecycle management of Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 720 and Lumia 1320.

Raghu has delivered a sales of over 100 Million devices globally.

Startups and Scaleups

Raghu is a trusted advisor and partner for startups across Finland and India. Having successful hands on experience in corporates and startups provides Raghu an edge over other startup advisors.

Raghu is an active investor and his portfolio includes 3DBear Oy, Neosmart Health Oy, Exprs India, Finders Seekers Oy and Shelf Group Oy (FinBolly Movies).

Sales and Business development

Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same coin and they can only succeed with one common vision and strategy.

Raghu has led Sales teams at Neosmart Health, Microsoft Asia Pacific and at Shoppire. Having delivered partnerships and campaigns with Gameloft and Adidas, Raghu brings Sales and Marketing teams together to share a common vision.